New Services to Support Community Colleges in Uncertain Times  

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

Community Colleges working together to advocate for community colleges Globally.  Advocacy would include collaboration with EducationUSA, Ministry of Educations, Universities, Technical Colleges and High Schools 


Strategic and targeted embassy advocacy, partnership and student events and around the world

Affordable virtual events to complement in person and onground marketing to give continuity to participating

college brand

Global Advocacy
Localized Marketing
Global APPs
Virtual Events
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Local on ground marketing by specially trained Community Colleges representative.  Offered in Vietnam & Brazil in 2019.  China, Japan, Korea and Malaysia will be added in 2020. 


Community College Global APP to promote community college globally. 
3 localized apps for Vietnam, China and Brazil in 2019.



Affordable workshops and webinars for IOs and international students.  Upcoming workshops include:  Marketing and Recruitment in Uncertain Times, Community Colleges working together to offset global decline of international student to community colleges and more. 

Collaborate/Partner with us through Events, Webinars, Virtual Events etc.

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