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Chart How to boost your university up the rankings
The recent publication by Thomson Reuters of the list of Highly Cited Researchers and their institutions provides data much more interesting than simply knowing who are the most cited and which institutions hire them.
Education ‘Organised anarchy’ – The enduring paradigm of university management
Pressured by relentless demands for accountability, dogged by serious legal, financial and administrative concerns, guided by legitimate reasons to remove ‘academic dead wood’, misguided by naïve and simplistic views as well as driven by sinister motives, higher education managements and leaderships in many countries are fast assuming characters of ‘unadulterated’ corporate and business models.
China Government rushes through Kashgar university plan
Beijing has rushed through plans for a new university in Kashgar, in Xinjiang – the Silk Road region dominated by the country’s Uyghur Turkic minority – as part of a raft of measures to stem rising discontent and unemployment which is fuelling violence in the region.

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