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Center for Global Advancement of Community Colleges (CGACC), is not for profit organization established in 2008.  We provide professional services for Colleges and international universities who are seeking assistance with campus internationalization. CGACC utilizes a network of over 850 U.S. Community Colleges and over a 1000 universities to assist higher education institutions in identifying potential partners and provide turnkey operation.

Our program evaluation services provide assurance and enhancement in the quality of your project or organization. We work hand in hand with you and your team to help identify your project and/or organization goals and monitor your progress toward these goals. Our approach is to assist you in achieving your goals. As we collect data, information, and evidence about your project for your college, we provide you with reporting that is accurate, pertinent and that addresses the unique qualities of your college.

List of Services
  • Assessment of Current International Programs
  • Planning international student recruitment in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Identifying international student recruitment agencies and implementing best practices.
  • Planning International Student Marketing and Recruitment Activities
  • Identifying Budgetary Needs for Internationalization
  • Identifying Resources Needed for International Admissions
  • Planning and Organizing an International Student Services Department
  • Operating a Centralized International Programs Office
  • Implementing and Administering Intensive English Program
  • Implementing Study Abroad programs in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Middle East
  • Developing a Global Networking Program for Faculty, Scholars and Students
  • Creating an International Ethos on Campus
  • Strategic Planning for Campus Internationalization
Services for Students
Since 2010 we have created special 2+2 Website and 2+2 E-Profiles to communicate the the best study in the U.S. path to great universities.
Our goal is establishing a transparent 2+2 University Pathways program, both domestically and internationally, in order to simplify the transfer process
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