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List of Services for Colleges:
  • Assessment of International Programs
  • Marketing & Recruitment Service for Colleges and Universities
  • Outsourced marketing and recruitments for colleges and universities
  • Localized (in country) service for colleges and universities
  • International student recruitment in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Identifying Resources Needed for International Admissions
  • Planning and Organizing an International Student Services Department
  • Implementing and Administering Intensive English Program
  • Implementing Study Abroad programs in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Middle East
  • Strategic Planning for Campus Internationalization
Services for Students
Since 2010 we have created special 2+2 Website and 2+2 E-Profiles to communicate the the best study in the U.S. path to great universities.

Our goal is establishing a transparent 2+2 University Pathways program, both domestically and internationally, in order to simplify the transfer process
Student on Mobile Phone
College Students
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