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The Center for the Global Advancement of Community Colleges (CGACC) a non-profit:

  • Provides community colleges with guidance to face their internationalization endeavors.
  • Advances and articulates the mission and purpose of the U.S. community college model abroad with a high level of intensity and passion.
  • Advocates for all higher education institutions at the federal level, brings together higher education associations, and prepares future leaders in higher education.
  • Is a critical resource for community college administrators, federal and state policymakers, and institutional leaders of national and international organizations.

CGACC is dedicated to promoting US Community Colleges globally by:

  • Curating a comprehensive directory of international education news and events
  • Facilitating institutional globalization efforts by initiating partnerships between international entities
  • Providing globally accessible social media in order to accommodate innovative, diverse leadership
  • Expanding and enhancing opportunities that attract international students, including augmenting recruitment programs
  • Communicating the Community College concept abroad, especially in locales without comparable institutions
  • Assisting domestic Community Colleges in developing international offices or improving existing programs
  • Establishing a transparent 2+2 University Pathways program, both domestically and internationally, in order to simplify the transfer process
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