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Our Mission:

"The Center for Global Advancement of Community Colleges (CGACC) champions the unique value and potential of U.S. community colleges on a global scale. We are committed to fostering international awareness and cultural exchange through a comprehensive suite of services including educational fairs, strategic marketing, recruitment initiatives, and the development of best practices. Our workshops on cultural and subcultural understanding enhance institutional inclusion efforts, while our partnerships with U.S. universities and international entities expand educational and professional opportunities. Our latest innovation, EnglisHub, leverages cutting-edge technology and AI to deliver advanced English language education, further supporting our mission to serve as the foremost advocate and resource for the internationalization of U.S. community colleges."
Business Team

Best Practices in:

  • Global Marketing & Recruitment

  • Tech initiatives to communicate message of colleges 

  • Internationalization & Partnerships

  • Leadership Development

  • Assessment & Calibration of International Programs.

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CGACC Brands

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